A Glimpse Into My World

I adore Literature and Weddings because they are a perfect marriage. Each provide a perfect opportunity to communicate and celebrate the discovery of one’s true soul mate. A Wedding Blessing Ceremony permits the poetic expression of joy and hope for the future with a wider audience.

Couples who wish to pledge an eternal promise either privately or in front of friends and family are uniquely special and have a fundamental right to experience a dignified ceremony, which accurately reflects who they are.

After a period of research, study and training commencing in 2004, I became a Registered Celebrant with the Association of Independent Celebrants. I have also received recognition and endorsement from one of The Founding Fathers of Civil Celebrancy, Dally Messenger, Principal of The International College of Celebrancy.

Over the years, I have written hundreds of personalised scripts for couples hailing from all parts of the world and have earned an excellent reputation as an International Celebrant.

I am known for my original poetic spiritual prose, professional Mother tongue English diction and effective voice. Wedding Blessings, Renewal of Vows and Baby Naming ceremonies are my main area but I have also been asked to compose Eulogies for Funerals.

Expert and sensitive delivery of each kind of ceremony is crucial and in recent years my work has attracted considerable interest from clients working in the film, television, music and sports industries and I have officiated at many VIP events.

A memorable and beautiful ceremony can be a source of immense strength for relationships when the pressures of daily life may threaten even the most robust marriage.

With this in mind, I pay close attention to your wishes, beliefs and vision. I empathise and respect how you envisage your ceremony together as Bride and Groom.
I spend countless hours on the composition of your script until I feel it is an authentic representation of your individual story.

To get to know you I use Skype conferences and a comprehensive questionnaire, which has been refined over the years to enable me to read even between the lines…

I never fail to be inspired and moved by the emotions of others and am honoured that I may be allocated the precious task of interpreting your sentiments for one another. Hopefully your wedding guests will also be delighted and surprised by the words chosen to reflect your love for one another.

Many couples are overwhelmed and confused by misinformation regarding Celebrants in Europe. I passionately believe that Celebrancy is a serious vocation and a high level of professionalism  is imperative for those who undertake such a great responsibility. It is important to be transparent, maintain a sense of humility and an open mind…

My personal assurance is that you will receive a quality service and enjoy a moving, unique and personalised ceremony, which you will cherish for the rest of your lives.

When you are blessed to share life’s mysterious journey with a soul mate you trust implicitly, it is clear that the greatest gift of life is indeed… LOVE.

My earliest memories include a sincere love of the language that surrounded me.. it’s lexicon, syntax and sound. The ability to speak and write are miraculous vehicles enabling us to share ideas, emotions and be transported to another realm…

I have always been in love with Chaucer, the genius of Shakespeare’s exploration of the fatal flaw and the turbulent and passionate souls of the Romantic poets Wordsworth, Blake and Shelley.

Victorian literature powerfully conveys the passion and resilience of the human spirit. Their work stands as a testament to love's powerl force.

Where does it come from and what is it’s ultimate purpose? How can we permit those whom we cannot live without understand the depth of our innermost feelings? True love enlightens and empowers us, it enables us to follow our dreams and because of it we can finally comprehend who we are..

You can search for genuine reciprocal love for an entire lifetime but it may only present itself when you are ready to receive it. Love can be uncomfortable too because it makes you aware of your defects.. but it can help you to become that most amazing creation… the highest version of your real self.

The experience of falling in love has been described as ‘a friendship that has caught fire’. I would be honoured to interpret how the initial spark you experienced ignited the fire that now burns so brightly…

If you will trust and allow me the privilege of a glimpse into your world, I pledge to work closely together with you both… and do my utmost to immortalise your own unique and precious story.

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